Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where Joy And Sorrow Meet

I just lost my best friend.

Yesterday was a day of waiting, because by that point it seemed certain that her journey was coming to an end. The sun set, I climbed in bed, and somehow I knew that when I woke the next morning, my sweet friend and sister in Christ would be with the Lord. This week has been filled with grief, countless tears, and deep pain for me and so many others who knew and loved Katie, so I felt certain that today would be the hardest day of my life. In a sense, I suppose, it is. Yet while I have cried and the pain and grief are still strong, I felt something else that I have never experienced before: The joy of the Lord.

As the day progressed my joy grew, until the only thing I could do was turn on some music and celebrate. You see, Katie Klinect was utterly and hopelessly in love with Jesus Christ, and I can't help but be so excited and happy that she's finally seeing Him face-to-face! Her wait is over, and she's with the Lover of her soul. After all of my mourning and grieving and praying, feeling drained and empty, I now feel so full. God is so good, and His mercies are evident in this time. How can I do anything but rejoice and praise the Lord for bringing her home at last? When I think about how deliriously happy she is right now, I can't help but smile.

For the first time in my life, I understand what it Scripture means when it says, "the joy of the Lord is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10). And what a joy it is! Only the love and grace of Jesus can create a lasting joy and peace in your soul. I can't get enough of what I'm experiencing in Him! I know that Katie had that same joy, and she was not afraid of wherever the Lord would take her.

God has blessed me with so many wonderful memories of Katie. She was a beacon of hope to me through many ups and downs that I faced, and I am glad our separation is only temporary. She lived her life to the fullest and for the glory of God every single day.

"Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning." -Psalm 30:5

Joy truly did take me by surprise this morning, and there aren't words to describe the lasting peace that comes with knowing Jesus Christ. Is yours a life marked by peace? By joy? Only in the Lord is there a calm in the midst of storms. Only with Jesus Christ is there a peace that passes all understanding. Only in Him can you find joy through hard times. Look around a bit if you want to, but I can promise you won't find it.

Katie, I love you so much. You've been such an amazing friend to me, and have been my [not-so] "secret sister" since we were little girls. Get that party started, and pick some awesome music please (like you could do anything else)! I'll see you again before you know it!

Me with my beautiful Indian princess. I love you, Katie!

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  1. God is amazing and so are these three beautiful girls, Each have lived beautiful Godly lives and are an amazing inspiration for others. :D


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