Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Am A Lazy Christian

I am a lazy Christian.
     Look closely, and you'll see:
I long to better know the Lord
     But with little work from me.
My Bible sits neglected
     On the nightstand by my bed.
And when I could be praying,
     I choose to watch TV instead.

I am a lazy Christian,
     And I love my comfort-zone.
I could be out sharing God's great love,
     But I'd rather be left alone.
I'm fine with giving offerings
     And money to the church.
But don't ask me to give my time
    'Cause that costs more than it's worth.

I am a lazy Christian.
    I'm friendly on Sunday;
But when Monday rolls around,
    You'd better not get in my way.
Don't take too long in line,
     And don't interfere with my pleasure.
Don't cut me off while on the road,
     Or you'll get an obscene gesture.

I am a lazy Christian,
     And I know to watch my mouth.
But if I hear some juicy news,
     Words just make their way out.
I gossip about both friend and foe
     When they are not around.
It doesn't matter that to Christ,
     It's not a pleasing sound.

I am a lazy Christian.
     I say that I hate sin.
Yet every time I'm tempted,
     I choose the wrong thing once again.
I know that it's not what God wants,
     And my guilt grows inside.
But instead of being obedient,
     I choose to rationalize.

I am a lazy Christian
     Who wants God's love to satisfy,
But He won't be enough for me
     While human love is still close by.
I ask Him to write my love story,
     But won't surrender Him the pen.
So instead of giving Him my heart,
     I let someone else break it again.

I am a lazy Christian,
    And of my laziness, I tire.
Instead of being lukewarm,
    I want God to light a fire.
Help me, Lord, not to be lazy.
    Rather, let me live for You.
And give me strength for which to do
    All that You've called me to.

I'm done being a lazy Christian,
     Your plans are much greater than mine.
Help me trust in what You're doing,
      And help me for You, Lord, to shine.
Let me live my life for Your glory,
      And surrender every day.
I don't want to write my story,
      Write it for me, Lord, I pray.

Let others see Your Son in me,
      I want to lead the lost to You.
And through me, Lord, reveal Your love
      In all I say and do.
For when my life is over
      And I walk into eternity,
I want to hear you say, "Well done, my child."
     And see You smile at me.


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